3 days and 4 nights with cycling, art and culture in Karlstad


3 days and 4 nights with cycling, art and culture in Karlstad

Duration :   3 Days 4 Nights
The Price :   3 300 kr
Max People :    2
Start Location:   Karlstad

Experience Karlstad on a new level with our exclusive package for 3 days and 4 nights. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and cultural scene while cycling around the city in the middle of the Klarälven delta. The package includes bicycle rental, suggestions and maps for tours to discover art and culture, and accommodation in a centrally located hotel.

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Art & galleries

In the cultural city of Karlstad, you can experience one of the Nordic region's foremost watercolorists at the Sandgrund Lars Lerin art gallery or explore the Värmlands Museum's current exhibitions. You can also explore Karlstad's excellent art galleries.


Sandgrund Lars Lerin

You probably know the artist Lars Lerin, who is considered one of the Nordic region's foremost watercolorists and who was born and lives in Värmland. Lars Lerin has exhibited at galleries and museums in about ten countries and has appeared in several television programs, including Siliget Lars Lerin, Lerin's apprentices and Lerin's summer island, which will be shown on SVT this winter.

At the Sandgrund Lars Lerin art gallery, you can take part in the art of both Lars Lerin and guest exhibitors in an open and bright room. In the art gallery there is also a café with a view of the Klarälven and a shop where you can buy unique posters, postcards and the like.


Sola i Karlstad

Eva Lisa Holtz worked at the Inn in Karlstad as an innkeeper. Eva Lisa was a beautiful and happy girl whom the inn guests liked very much. Thanks to her sunny and radiant mood, she earned the nickname Sola. She was also an enterprising and economical woman, who eventually bought and ran her own inn. The statue "Sola i Kallsta" was made by Herman Reijers and came into place in 1985. It has become an important symbol and a public face for Karlstad.

Värmlands Museum 

Värmlands Museum is one of Sweden's most visited county museums. Exhibitions, library, museum shop, café and restaurant The food factory is open and has been adapted for safe visits. Here you can experience the permanent exhibition Värmlandsliv and the art base exhibition Insight and outlook – dialogues with the art collection.

Galleri Bergman

Galleri Mats Bergman has had exhibition spaces in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Malmö and Karlstad as well as participated in a large number of art fairs in Sweden and abroad. Today, the gallery is located at Herrhagsgatan 48 in Karlstad and Norrtullsgatan 53 in Stockholm. Galleri Bergman shows graphics, paintings and sculptures - preferably by Nordic artists. The gallery offers the best of the Nordic art flora, with a diversity of carefully selected artists from different genres and generations.

Konst i Karlstad (KIKA)

Galleri Konst in Karlstad is run on a non-profit basis by an association that organizes exhibitions with local, national and international artists. The association's ambition is to show contemporary art of high artistic quality, with great variety in both form and content by preferably professional artists. The gallery's goal is also to maintain an even gender distribution between exhibiting artists. A working group in the association finally decides which exhibitions are arranged. Every year in December, an art lottery is organized for the association's members.

Konsthantverkarna Karlstad

The Konsthantverkarna cooperative was founded in 1987 and we have been in our fantastic premises at Södra Kyrkogatan 6 since the spring of 1988. Nothing in the store is the same! Our creations have traces of the work of the hand and that is what gives life, soul and personality to each individual object. We work with natural materials and recycling. Everything is Swedish-made and comes to the store without intermediaries and long transports. In our gallery, 10 exhibitions are presented annually by members and visiting artisans. As a customer, you can feel confident in buying a quality product where our professional knowledge guarantees you craftsmanship at its very best!


During Artscape 2017-Värmland or Artscape 2017 White Moose Project as it is also called, ten municipalities participated, which resulted in a total of 25 works of art, seven of which are in Karlstad. Both international and Swedish artists are involved behind the paintings.

Here you can take part in the murals:

Drottninggatan 15 in the center, the white house with the gable facing CGC, painted by the artist Sagie from Sweden. In Sagie's expressive work, you can expect everything from cute animals and figures to stylish graphic motifs.

Styrbordsgatan 2 on Orrholmen, opposite the parking lot at Orrleken, painted by the artist Pantonio from Portugal. Pantonia's artwork combines birds, fish and other creatures in floating forms.

Garvaregatan 9/Fabriksgatan 7 in Haga, with the gable facing Gubbholmen, painted by the artist Smug from Australia. Known for his photorealistic paintings, Smug is considered one of the absolute leading street artists in photorealism. The paintings are humorous mixed with precision.

Hemvägen 16 in Våxnäs, painted by the artist Henric Thåg from Sweden. Karlstad's own Henric Thåg works with graphic motifs and often portrays people or other figures in everyday life with an extra twist.

Drottninggatan 41 B in the center, the red brick building by the bus station with the gable facing Drottninggatan, painted by the artist and Frankfurt-based Case Maclaim from Germany. Case is a pioneer in photorealism where art expresses itself in a universal language to inspire messages of conformity and power.

River C Hotel in Haga with the gable facing Karlstad CCC, painted by the artist Hyuro from Argentina. With political themes and subtle sensitivity in dreamlike compositions, Hyuro creates art in the form of illustrative and graphic paintings.

Fagottgatan 70 at Kronoparken, Studenternas hus in the center of Kronoparken, painted by the artist Ledania Colombia. Ledania is one of Bogota's most prominent street artists and expresses himself through colorful motifs characterized by magical and mythological roots.


Karlstad is the Architecture Municipality of the Year 2022 and thus takes first place for the third year in a row. The Architecture Municipality of the Year award highlights the municipalities that manage to combine good conditions for developing architecture with managing the housing supply and ambitions to reduce climate impact.

Karlstad is Architecture Municipality of the Year 2022 and has thus won the award three years in a row. The successes are explained by a very good judgment from the architects' association, while Karlstad is in a good position in terms of construction pace, routines and legal compliance.

What's Included

  • Cycle map for mobile
  • Electric bikes with long range
  • Walking distance from the train station
  • Suitable for days with worse weather
  • Close to nature and forest
  • Close to shopping and restaurants
  • Close to beach and swimming

What's Excluded

  • Entrance tickets
  • Hotel
  • Picknick basket

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