Folding e‑bike Tern Vektron

From 460 kr - 550 krper day

Day based pricing : El-assiterat vikcykel Tern Vektron
1 - 3 days : 550 kr / Day
4 - 7 days : 500 kr / Day
8 - 14 days : 460 kr / Day
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Rent electric bike Tern Vektron. Our electri­cal­ly-assisted fol­ding bikes are the per­fect cho­ice for short bike tours and sight­see­ing. With their com­pact size and light weight, they can be easily fol­ded and taken on the train or bus. The built-in electric motor pro­vi­des an extra boost when nee­ded, making it easy to navi­ga­te the city wit­hout get­ting tired. Their com­for­tab­le sadd­les and adjus­tab­le hand­le­bars pro­vi­de a tai­lo­red fit. Our electric assisted fol­ding bikes are also equip­ped with lug­gage racks for your belon­gings, so you can keep your hands free to take pho­tos and enjoy the view. Our bikes are the per­fect solu­tion for easy and com­for­tab­le sightseeing.

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