During Artscape 2017-Värmland or Artscape 2017 White Moose Project as it is also called, ten municipalities participated, which resulted in a total of 25 works of art, seven of which are in Karlstad. Both international and Swedish artists are involved behind the paintings.


Arts­cape in Karl­stad resul­ted in a color explo­sion whe­re emp­ty house walls are now fil­led with modern met­ro­po­li­tan art. Seven artists from dif­fe­rent parts of the world have pain­ted and expres­sed their art on seven dif­fe­rent buil­dings around Karlstad.

Here you can take part in the murals:

Drott­ning­ga­tan 15 in the cen­ter, the white house with the gab­le facing CGC, pain­ted by the artist Sagie from Swe­den. In Sagi­e’s expres­si­ve work, you can expect eve­ryt­hing from cute ani­mals and figu­res to sty­lish grap­hic motifs.
Styr­bords­ga­tan 2 on Orr­hol­men, oppo­si­te the par­king lot at Orr­le­ken, pain­ted by the artist Pan­to­nio from Por­tu­gal. Pan­to­ni­a’s artwork com­bi­nes birds, fish and other cre­a­tu­res in flo­a­ting forms.
Gar­va­re­ga­tan 9/Fabriksgatan 7 in Haga, with the gab­le facing Gubb­hol­men, pain­ted by the artist Smug from Austra­lia. Known for his pho­to­re­a­listic pain­tings, Smug is con­si­de­red one of the abso­lu­te lea­ding stre­et artists in pho­to­re­a­lism. The pain­tings are humo­rous mix­ed with precision.
Hem­vä­gen 16 in Våx­näs, pain­ted by the artist Hen­ric Thåg from Swe­den. Karl­sta­d’s own Hen­ric Thåg works with grap­hic motifs and often portrays peop­le or other figu­res in eve­ryday life with an extra twist.

Drott­ning­ga­tan 41 B in the cen­ter, the red brick buil­ding by the bus sta­tion with the gab­le facing Drott­ning­ga­tan, pain­ted by the artist and Frank­furt-based Case Maclaim from Ger­ma­ny. Case is a pio­ne­er in pho­to­re­a­lism whe­re art expres­ses itself in a uni­ver­sal lan­gu­age to inspi­re mes­sa­ges of con­for­mi­ty and power.
River C Hotel in Haga with the gab­le facing Karl­stad CCC, pain­ted by the artist Hyu­ro from Argen­ti­na. With poli­ti­cal the­mes and sub­t­le sen­si­ti­vi­ty in dream­li­ke com­po­si­tions, Hyu­ro cre­a­tes art in the form of illust­ra­ti­ve and grap­hic paintings.
Fagott­ga­tan 70 at Kro­no­par­ken, Stu­den­ter­nas hus in the cen­ter of Kro­no­par­ken, pain­ted by the artist Leda­nia Colom­bia. Leda­nia is one of Bogo­ta’s most pro­mi­nent stre­et artists and expres­ses him­self through color­ful motifs cha­rac­te­ri­zed by magi­cal and myt­ho­lo­gi­cal roots.

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