Kla­rälvs­le­den, 120 km wil­der­ness. Cycling on old country roads, along the Kla­räl­ven allows you to enjoy the cul­tu­re and beau­ti­ful natu­re of nort­hern Värm­land in a won­der­ful way.
The Kla­rälvs­le­den, from Syss­le­bäck to Hag­fors, is a 120 km long cyc­le path that runs on old country roads, through the wil­der­ness, in the nort­hern Kla­rälv val­ley. The trail is natu­ral and winds its way past farms and mea­dows, through lar­ge forests and vil­la­ges, side by side with the mighty Kla­räl­ven. The sur­fa­ce is gra­vel and asphalt, the Kla­rälvs­le­den is sui­tab­le for cycling and hiking.

In Udde­holm, the Kla­rälvs­le­den ends and the paved Kla­rälvs­ba­nan takes over.

The Kla­rälvs­ba­nan winds straight through the natu­re of Värm­land, from Hag­fors in the north to Karl­stad in the south. On the way you pass Udde­holm, Munk­fors, Ran­sä­ter, Deje, Fors­ha­ga and Karl­stad in turn.
Kla­rälvs­ba­nan is a disu­sed embank­ment, com­ple­tely asphal­ted and gua­ran­teed car-free. On the Kla­rälvs­ba­nan you tra­vel from the dark and fri­end­ly forest in the north to an open agricul­tural lands­cape in the south.

At the Kla­rälvs­ba­nan’s sout­hern entran­ce, the­re is a sign­pos­ted cyc­le path that stret­ches from Kropp­kärrs­sjön to Mör­ud­den on Ham­marö. The distan­ce is 10 km.

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